Today I am going to share with you the 3 biggest fitness mistakes you are probably making that are holding you back from getting the ripped body you have always wanted.

Don’t worry, you are not alone!  Me and my friends made these mistakes for a long time, but now you don’t have to!   The key is to realize and understand the mistakes now and avoid them, so you can start seeing the results on your body.

The Mistakes:

Mistake #1: Falling For Foods That Are Marketed As Healthy

They may say they are healthy, but news flash, most of them aren’t. When you go to Burger King, Mcdonald’s, or any fast food restaurant and you look at the healthy menu, their ingredients are full of processed crap… NOT healthy for you! Same thing with frozen meals like Lean Cuisine. Yeah, they can be a healthy alternative, but don’t rely on them. They have a lot of the same processed ingredients, and sure some may be low in fat or calories, but they are extremely high in sodium(causes bloating)!

And what about those so called healthy protein shakes from Jamba Juice. Ya right… they are full of sugar and have a ton of calories.

• Tip #1: Stick to natural foods like top round steak, chicken breast, brown rice and vegetables.

Mistake #2:  Resting Too Long Between Your Exercises

3 Big Fitness ErrorsThings to avoid:

1) Taking long water breaks.

2) Taking forever to change the music on your ipod.

3) Having conversations with others.

4) Being stunned like a deer in headlights and not knowing what to do next in the gym.

• Tip #2: Have your workout planned out beforehand and Rest only 30-60 sec. between your sets/exercises.  This pace is going to get you the afterburn effect and get you the six pack abs you want, quick!

Mistake #3:  Taking Advice From The Wrong People

Most people will take fitness advice from:

– Friends who are out of shape yet think they know a lot about fitness. It’s very easy to listen to friends, and friends sometime unknowingly give the wrong advice.  It’s not their fault, they are only trying to help. But it’s really up to you to know the truth by doing research of your own.

– Out of shape Trainers that tell you their way is the best and easiest way to get in shape but they can’t seem to do it themselves. If what they say it is so effective, why can’t they do it?

– People who are in shape themselves, but never trained someone else.  They don’t understand other people’s bodies, problems, habits, lifestyle, etc.  They only know their own, which makes them bad coaches.

• Tip #3: Get the type of COACH you need:

– They are currently in great shape.

– Been out of shape before and transformed their body.

– Been successful in transforming other people’s bodies besides their own.

So next time you want good fitness advice, ask someone who has proven success and not someone who’s just wants to convince another person that they know it all.  Listen to the person and see if they are really trying to teach you and not just stroking their ego.

And if you want more tips about how to build muscle, burn fat, and how I did it with the afterburn effect, check out the free video I just posted which shows you The “Trick” I Used To Get A Six Pack.

Train hard,

mike changBy John’s Special Guest: Mike Chang
Mike Chang is the number one most subscribed trainer on Youtube. He has not only helped millions of people like you get in the best shape of their lives… his training techniques are also trusted and recommended by fitness trainers all over the world. He has been featured in fitness magazines, business shows and a number of news outlets. He is the owner/CEO of the international business Mike Chang Fitness LLC. and is trying to get the world to train hard, one person at a time.