Woman as well as scientists who have done studies tell us that the sexiest trait a man can have is confidence.

5 Ways to Get Immediate ConfidenceNot arrogance, but inner confidence.

When I was much younger and feeling rejected, depressed and the world’s biggest loser a woman said to me, “Be confident”. Easy for her to say, when you have the weight of your empty universe weighing on your shoulders and mind.

If you have confidence you don’t have to be super handsome to attract woman, it’s the attitude.

So when you go out on a date to a club and you were just dumped, lost your job and your lucky dog named Lucky just ran away from home

Here are 5 instant things you can do before you walk out that door that will exude confidence when you are out in public.

1. Write down on a piece of paper all the things you are grateful for and the positive attributes of your personality. Read them over to yourself several times. Study them like you are preparing for an exam.

2. This may sound silly to some, but it has worked for me. Sit or stand and stop thinking. Close your eyes and concentrate on your breathing. “in and out” for several minutes and think about that you are part of the miracle of life. You may not know what it’s all about, but that doesn’t matter, you can still appreciate the magic and wonderment of it all.

3. If you believe in a higher power, be still and acknowledge it. Put a thought out there that you would like to me a nice woman tonight. But don’t obsess about it. Just acknowledge your higher powerful and feel good that you are doing the best you can in difficult times. Say thank you.

4. Before you walk out that door, realize that you have lots to offer a woman (or a man). That you are a good person and worthy. You are part of the miracle of life.

5. Say to yourself that your mind is open to the Universe and new situations. Your thoughts are like the rays of the sun reaching out into the community of consciousness. And be absolutely positive that there is a woman out there looking for someone like you. I don’t even know who’s reading this and I know that to be true. These thoughts will help you attract a like minded partner. Now stand straight, take a deep breath, relax and have some fun.

If you just looked into the mirror and took a hard look at yourself and realized you are a jerk, well now that’s a whole other problem. But the good news is you always have time to change. Other traits most woman look for in a man other than confidence are the following: Be a good listener, kind, gentle, not physically or verbally abusive, don’t criticize, be complimentary but don’t be fake about it, don’t come on to strong on the first date or two, don’t sexualize things. Your primary desire should be a friend to women.

trace burroughsBy John’s Special Guest: Trace Burroughs
Trace Burroughs is an author of 8 books and the former radio show host of Seek Find Keep Love. In addition he is an animation and film producer, comedy writer and Internet entrepreneur.

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