We are roughly 6 weeks away from the official start of summer. If you’re looking to change your body and get noticed this summer then it’s crunch time.

Is it too late to make some simple changes to make you get noticed this summer?

Heck no its not too late.

I’ve got 5 action steps you can start implementing today:

5 Steps to Get Seen this SummerHowever let me be honest; it’s going to take some discipline and consistency on your part but if you follow through get ready for extra sets of eyes to scan you from head to toe.

Action Step #1: Cut out Alcohol

This will absolutely be the most difficult action step on journey for the next 6 weeks. It’s time to say farewell to all forms of alcohol for the next 6 weeks. All beer, wine and liquor must not touch your lips.

Alcohol is form of sugar that impedes the bodies ability to burn fat and here’s how: Whenever you consume alcohol your liver starts to work double time to breakdown the alcohol. When the liver is breaking down alcohol it is unable to burn body fat for energy. Not to mention the sugar from the alcohol is going to trigger a spike in your insulin levels due to your blood sugar being raised.

Insulin is a hormone whose primary job is to store sugar. When your liver is breaking down alcohol, your body’s ability to burn fat goes down while it’s ability to store fat goes up. And if insulin is spiked as a result of excess sugar, if you’re like most guys then that excess sugar will be stored as body fat around your waist.

So instead of frequenting happy hours and drinking to relieve stress, get to the gym and train.

Action Step #2: Take Fish Oil

You may have heard of some great things about fish oil and how it’s the best supplement on Earth.

If you’ve never heard the wonders of fish oil then here is a small list of fish oil helps your body:

Better mental Focus

Improved joint health

Speed up muscle recovery

Improve Sleep

Enhance fat burning

I told you fish oil was amazing, and this is why: Fish oil is composed of the two Omega-3 Fatty Acids known as EPA/DHA. EPA/DHA originates from blue sea algae that most fatty fish like sardines, mackerel, krill and salmon eat as a staple in their diets. Because blue sea algae grows   at the bottom of ocean floors, the most practical way for us to consume the Omega-3 fats EPA/DHA is by eating the fish that eat the blue algae.

Scientists and researchers are gaining new insight into the benefits of EPA/DHA every day. Most of the research shows that EPA/DHA may help to improve brain function improving cognition and mental focus. EPA/DHA has also been show to decrease inflammation within the body improving joint health and muscle recovery. EPA/DHA has also been shown to be help the body burn fat by turning on our lipolytic (fat-burning) genes and turning off our lipogenic (fat-storing) genes.

So far, by cutting out alcohol and taking fish oil you are priming your body to be a lean fat-burning machine. Now let’s move on to the next action step.

Action Step 3: Get More Sleep

We’ve all been told how important sleep is so I’m just going to get right to the point. Most of the fat that we burn occurs while we sleep. Sleep helps the body to recharge and rebalance our hormones.

If you consistently deprive your body of sleep your body starts to release a stress hormone called cortisol. Cortisol is a stress hormone linked to the body’s “fight or flight response”. “Fight or Flight” is the body’s stress response that leads to elevated blood sugar levels to fuel muscles to either “fight” or “run away” from the source of stress.

As you already have learned, chronically elevated blood sugar levels trigger an increase in insulin and you now know that will more than likely lead to…increased body fat.

So make your best efforts to get 7-9 hours of sleep per night. You will be recharged, your mind will be clear and you’ll keep your cortisol levels low for more energy and a leaner body.

Action Step 4: Trade Bread for Berries

I don’t care how “healthy” a carbohydrate is, when it comes to getting lean you must keep your blood sugar levels under control. Whenever we consume any source of carbohydrate it’s eventually broken down into sugar.

But don’t we need carbohydrates for energy?

Yes we do need carbohydrates for energy but not in the volumes most of us are accustomed to. Carbohydrates not only give us energy but they make us feel full. Let’s be honest, no one likes to walk around feeling hungry.

However instead of consuming large volumes of bread, or any other grains change out a serving of bread, which is roughly 30grams of carbohydrate, for a cup of berries.

Whether you pick strawberries, raspberries, blackberries or blueberries one cup is roughly 7 grams of sugar with 7 grams of fiber. The low sugar and high fiber content of the berries will not only prevent insulin spikes, but they will make you feel full and you’ll get extra vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that are essential for your health and fitness.

Action Step 5: Sweat an Extra Hour Weekly

Now it’s time to train. If you’re like most guys you’ve already made your way back to the gym. I’m not going to overhaul your whole workout but I want you to add these three exercises to the end of your workout for two 30-minute sessions per week.

This will not only get you sweating, but these extra sessions will jack up your heart rate and help to add lean fat burning muscle while also giving your metabolism a boost in order to burn more body fat around the clock.

So here is a quick summary of your 5 actions steps:

No alcohol

Grab some fish oil

Get more sleep,

Add in those berries and

Get that extra hour of sweat per week.

Now that you have accepted your 5 Action Step Mission to turn heads the summer, go forth and “Get Work Done!”

rob williamsBy John’s Special Guest: Rob Williams
Rob is one of the most inspirational and dynamic teachers as it relates to physical training and life enhancement.

In the realm of Physical Training…Rob is a very innovative coach as it relates to the practical application of human movement science.

In the realm of life enhancement…Rob is a very personable and passionate teacher aimed at helping people discover, follow and amplify their ambition to enhance the lives of those within their sphere of influence.