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My name is John Alanis, and for the past decade or so, I’ve run an unusual little business, teaching men how to attract women.  During that time, I’ve interacted with a lot of my customers, hearing how they raised themselves from success to failure in their relationships with women.  What is most striking to me are the patterns I’ve noticed, both when it comes to failure, and when it comes to success with women.

I’ve also heard from a lot of women about their experiences with men, and when you overlay those experiences with the stories I’ve heard from men, attraction passes from magic to science.  It is an eminently learnable skill, not only when it comes to initial attraction, but also when it comes to sustaining attraction.

Learning a skill, of course, requires work, it requires study, and it requires going out into the real world and failing until you get it right.  Succeeding with women cannot be reduced to a few lines you repeat in a bar, nor can it be reduced to putting a ring on a finger and living happily ever after.  But, if you put forth the effort to learn the skill, the rewards are tremendous…and when you master it, you discover something unusual:  you become what women call a “real man.”

Awhile back I saw an infomercial for the Dean Martin Celebrity Roasts, and I immediately bought those DVD’s.  Dean’s show (and career) was all about real men and real women having a great time, bereft of political correctness, thin skinned whiners, and people who live to be offended.  As soon I saw that, I was inspired to create this blog—think of it as a “variety show” on the web.

I am certainly no Dean Martin (no one will ever be) and don’t pretend to be.  But I very much admire the spirit the King of Coolness brought to his shows and performances, and I want to create at least a similar spirit here.  This is a place for real men and real women to connect, to get away from the burgeoning nanny state and purveyors of political correctness and sissiness.  It’s a place for a good time to be had by all.

Also, amidst all the fun, this “show” is also educational, about mastering the various skills sets to earn the title of “real man,” not from the guys around you, but from the women in your life.  On this blog, you’ll find my daily column, incisive commentary about what really works in attraction, as well as tips, tricks and secrets.  You will also hear from a variety of women, writing about their experiences with men, stories far more useful than you’ll hear from some goofus repeating what he heard from a pickup artist.

I am a big believer in fitness (sorry, women don’t like fat dudes), so I have several guest experts who will contribute real world fitness advice on a regular basis, things they have actually done themselves, tips you will find both useful and usable.

And the lifestyle section?  Well, I’m a whisky man.  I collect the stuff, so I’ll be posting some of my reviews and recommendations, as well as my cigar recommendations, great restaurants I’ve been to, cool movies I’ve seen, etc.  Attraction isn’t just about meeting and bedding women, it’s about enjoying great experiences with great women, and in the lifestyle section I share some of mine.

No site about attraction would be complete without breaking news, in this case articles about men who’ve done stupid things with women.  As you might imagine, there is a never ending supply of them, and I’ll post new ones as I see them (feel free to send us any you find).  Who knows, perhaps Anthony Weiner will try for a third time to run for office, once again providing hilarity and abominable nicknames like Carlos Danger (can you believe Sydney Leathers is actually a real name).

I highly encourage commenting on various posts and articles, as well as sharing any articles relevant to attraction you may find.  I want this site to become the last refuge of the real man, a politically incorrect, tell-it-like-it-is site for men AND women who are sick and tired of the pansy-wagons in the media. It’s fun, it’s raucous, it’s educational, and I insist a good time be had by all.  Tune in every day, and enjoy!

-John Alanis
The King of Let ‘em Come to You

P.S. Here’s a brief description of every section, so you can find your way around the “show,” tuning into your favorite sections.

Every good variety show, and every good men’s publication has a section with pictures of sexy women, and a write up on each one.  So, in this section, female readers submit their pictures and their stories about attraction, from the sublime to the ridiculous.  I’ll do my best to keep this section updated as often as possible, and if you know any women who’d like to be featured, be sure to let us (and them) know.  Comments are welcome, but respectful comments please…this is a website for men, not little boys who are hypnotized by the presence of a woman.

Hey, this show isn’t all about me!  Like any good host, I have interesting guest experts, male and female, who contribute articles, advice, and commentary from time to time.  You’ll find them in this section, and I have asked them to hold nothing back.  I don’t claim to be an expert on everything when it comes to attraction and coolness, but I definitely know a lot of people who specific expertise that can help you (and me) in that area.  The only rule I have for this section is NOT to be boring, and NOT to repeat the same old tired nonsense constantly repeated by the girlie men in the media. My guests share my mindset, so tune in often to see what it is they have to say…and leave your own comments.  Who knows, maybe you’ll be a guest on my show, next!

Some of my greatest pleasures in life have come from first reading about them in magazines such as Cigar Aficionado, Whisky Advocate, and Wine Spectator.  In this section, I’m going to share some of the cool new things I’ve tried (great restaurants, cigar, whisky, and wine recommendations, cool movies I’ve seen, books I’ve read, etc.) over the prior week.  But, I also want YOU to share some of the things you’ve tried too, in the comments section of each new article.  That way all of us will be introduced to new things we had no idea about, but discovered we liked them on trying them.  Women love a man who always has cool new things to try and do, and if you tune into this section, you will always be that man.

Breaking News
This section is primarily reserved for my commentary, secrets, and musings about attraction, and how to be a real man.  I write a column every day, so tune in to see what your host has to say today about women and attraction in the real world.  I pull no punches, I hold nothing back, and I abhor political correctness.  Your comments, agree or disagree, are welcome, so be sure to contribute.

One of the most important, attractive things you can do is take care of your body.  I admit it, I was a porky kid, even up until college, and really didn’t get fit until I discovered Bill Phillip’s Body For Life contest in the 1990’s, and learned how to eat right and how to train right.  Since then I’ve devoted a significant part of my income to staying in good physical shape, and it’s the reason why I still look good at 42 while other men are experiencing middle age spread.  In this section, I’ve asked a few true experts (male and female) to share their “attractive fitness” secrets so you too can keep yourself in tip top shape.  Most men don’t, and it’s a huge competitive advantage when you’re in your 30’s and older, the only way to guarantee you’ll stay attractive to women for life.

Her Perspective
This section is written by women only.  If you’re truly going to understand how attraction works in the real world, you have to pay attention to a woman’s perspective.  The women who are writing in this section are women who love men, who live in the real world, and who tell it like it is.   You won’t get any of the “just be yourself” nonsense here—these women reveal the real secrets to understanding (and appreciating) how women really think about men.  I’ve asked them to hold nothing back, so be prepared for some incisive…and very valuable…commentary.  This is a section I’ll update as often as possible, because the more you hear from women, the better.

News of The Strange, Funny, and Stupid
Ever done something stupid with women?  If you’re male and you’re breathing, you have, but don’t feel bad: other smarter, better looking, and powerful men have done even stupider things than you. Every time a new “stupid story” breaks (such as the Secret Service trying to lowball hookers, or the head of the CIA sleeping with his *hot* biographer), we’ll post it here.  If you see a story, please share it with us…this section is hilarious proof once in for all that the old saying is true:  men make women crazy, women make men STUPID.

There’s an old saying that goes, “school’s never out for the pro,” and in this section I share with you the best attraction systems I’ve created, as well as trusted friends.  There’s always a robust “be a better lover” catalog, so no matter if you’re single, married, or playing the field, there’s something here for you to improve your life with women.  Be sure to browse through this section on a regular basis—one idea at the right time from one of these systems literally can change your life with women forever.

John’s Big Bribe!
The most unusual page on this site…check it out to discover why I’ll give you $100 if you give me $5, and why I’m NOT crazy for making this offer!