There is an iconic scene in The Graduate, where Dustin Hoffman is at a party, and everyone is giving him advice about the next phase of his life.

A family friend, “Mr. Maguire” leans over and whispers in his ear, “I just want to say one word toyou:  plastics.  The future is in plastics.” If you haven’t seen it, you can check it out here:

When I saw this article, the first thing that came to my mind was, did someone take this idiot aside and whisper, “I just want to say one word to  you: REVENGE p*rn.  The future is in revenge p*rn.”  Apparently it is not for this guy, who went a little too far with his little business venture/extortion outfit and is about to find that his future is in JAIL.  So, so dumb:


Funny NewsA San Diego man who allegedly ran a “revenge p*rn” website, where he posted more than 10,000 sexually explicit photos so he could then use a second site to extort victims for as much as $350 each to remove the illicit content, has been arrested, the California attorney general’s office said.

Kevin Christopher Bollaert, 27, was charged with 31 felony counts of conspiracy, identity theft and extortion, Attorney General Kamala D. Harris said Tuesday in a news release.

“This website published intimate photos of unsuspecting victims and turned their public humiliation and betrayal into a commodity with the potential to devastate lives,” Harris said.

Bollaert created the website in December 2012, which allowed users from across the country to anonymously post private photographs containing nude and explicit images of individuals without their permission, the release said. The photos are typically obtained consensually by the poster during a prior relationship or are stolen or hacked. READ MORE…

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