A few nights ago I watched a “futuristic” movie where the world was ruled by evil multinational corporations, all fueled by greed.

Are Evil Multinational Corporations Taking Over the WorldIt was, apparently, what the short lived “Occupy Crowd” warned everyone about where greed would eat up everything, leaving the little guy destitute because the rich had taken all the money from them and refused to share.

Even more startling, was the biggest corporation was called “The Energy Corporation” and was located in Houston, Texas. The corporate minions in this movie were decidedly evil, and kept the little guy in check via “the game.”

Recognize the movie?

I’ll tell you…it’s the work of high art called:

Roller Ball!

Yep, Roller Ball. No, not the goofy 2002 remake of the goofy 1975 movie, the goofy 1975 movie itself. While I can’t call it a classic, whenever it’s on, I have to watch it because it is a period piece.

It’s set in 2018 (four whole years from now), and it is an exercise in hilarity to see if its dire predictions about corporate greed and power came true.

Interestingly, they were right about an Energy Corporation headquartered in Houston, Texas. There was one that came about. It was called Enron and was so powerful it had a stadium named after it. Then it turned out to be a complete fraud, collapsed, all the executives were sent to jail and the name quickly removed from the stadium. Corporate power at its finest.

Looking at the list of the top 100 corporations in 2013, I see Wal Mart at the top of the list. A world ruled by Wal Mart, price cutting their way to power? Yah…google “people of Wal Mart” and you won’t exactly find corporate power.

At #5 we have Berkshire Hathaway, Warren Buffet’s company. Buffett, in case you don’t know, has two wives, and has become increasingly strange as he’s gotten older. But, still, he’s no Doctor Evil, and his obsession is never splitting his stock, not dominating the world.

At #6 we have Apple Computer, the source of everything that’s good and cool in the world. The Occupiers apparently exempted them from the list of evil companies, since every unbathed hipster had a MacBook or at least an iPad. And Apple can’t be evil because, well, they’re so darn cool, even if they charge an arm and a leg for computers comparable to PC’s for 25% of the price.

And at #7 we have, wait for it, General Motors, a company that was so badly mismanaged, the government had to step in and save it, and it will never recover its value (despite a lot of phony-baloney, credit card bookkeeping). Now, I might put GM on the list of evil companies for defrauding the American taxpayer, but before they even think of taking over the world, they’d better figure out how to keep their butts from getting beat by Ford, who were profitable while GM was broke.

Oh, and if you want to help take over the world, you can buy stock in these companies, and get a dividend and appreciation, so maybe they are useful after all.

The point of all this is, the media loves to trot out the idea of “corporate greed” in lieu of personal responsibility, and they’ve been doing it forever. They love to say the little guy has no chance, but that is laughable untrue, the little guy is smart enough to stay little while others collapse under their own weight.

Want proof?

I started my company in 1995, after Enron had been around a few years. This “all powerful Energy Corporation” from Houston collapsed in 2001 and, well, my company is still alive and well…and will be so (if I have anything to do with it) in 2018, the time the original Roller Ball was set in. Who knows, perhaps my company will be the evil corporation ruling the world by then. But, I kinda doubt it- the tax bill would be too big anyways.

john alanisBy Your Host: John Alanis
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