Today I am going to give you an inside look on how I was able to build muscle without spending a large amount of money.

Building Body on a BudgetBodybuilding isn’t just for the rich, and doesn’t have to put you in the poor house. I have been in a situation where I was worried that I couldn’t afford to build muscle, so I want to share my solution to building muscle, without breaking the bank. So in this blog I want to give you some tricks, that I’ve personally used to build muscle when I’ve been on a tight budget. No matter what situation you are in… there is always a way to build muscle.


There are two major concepts we need to keep in mind when we are building muscle. The first is that we need to have plenty of quality calories, the second is that we need to put the work in at the gym… or at home if you don’t have a gym.

The first thing we will go over is finding the quality calories we need to sustain muscle growth without adding on unwanted body fat. The key to doing so is by eating a high protein diet. We all know that we need protein… but why?

What you need to eat…

First of all, protein is necessary for packing lean muscle mass and for recovery.  Without a good source of protein, you will not have the proper nutrients to heal your muscles after an intense workout, which might actually cause you to burn off muscle. That’s definitely a huge “no no” when it comes to building muscle.

So let’s begin talking about my favorite snacks to build muscle, that are affordable…

Canned tuna is a great source of protein that not only tastes good, but will help you get yoked. How much is a can of tuna? It is going run you a couple of dollars at most. It is going to provide you with some great muscle building protein, for cheap!

**This is a great meal to have on the go. It’s quick and easy to make a tuna sandwich and you can also combine it with other things like: eggs, fat free mayo, a salad or you can always just eat it by itself.

Protein shakes are a great way to increase your calorie count as well, without having to clear out the piggy bank.  Go and get the cheapest protein and chug a few shakes a day.  Who cares if you are in the middle of the mall?  You want to build muscle right? Chug that bad boy anywhere and feed your muscles what they are craving!

**This is a pure and on the go source of protein. Post workout is the best time to have a protein shake, because it will start repairing your almost muscles immediately.

Chicken leg quarters are the cheapest and the highest protein source you can get, so bye bye birdie and hello biceps.

**There is never a bad time to eat chicken. It is high in protein, low in fat and easy to prepare.

Another thing that increased my muscle mass when I was short on cash was making it a habit of eating all of my friends’ food!  Don’t be too proud, because with all those muscles you will build, you will be so confident–it will be worth it!  

How you need to exercise…

Now that you are an expert at being frugal and fit, I am going to tell you about some amazing ways to build muscle with the use of just your body weight and a towel to wipe your sweat.  For beginners we are going to start with basic bodyweight exercises. Push ups and bodyweight squats are the first exercises we are going to do and we are going to work until you are able to do 20 reps of each exercise without getting too tired. Once you can do that, it will be time to step it up to some more advanced bodyweight exercises.

So, that’s your crash course in building mass on a budget!

Here’s what I want you to do now to ensure that you implement what I taught you here so you can gain muscle on the cheap:

First, go shopping and pick your favorite food that I mentioned from the grocery store. Go TODAY!  Eat it once a day everyday this week and definitely don’t forget that you need to do those body weight exercises.

Second, start with one exercise that you will do every morning for one minute and then work your way up to twenty reps of each exercise.  This alone is going to not only increase your energy, but it is going to put some awesome muscle on your body. When you mastered that, check out this advanced muscle building workout on

The video above is going to show you 25 advanced muscle building exercises that will take your training to the next level after you master bodyweight exercises. If you’re a beginner, start off by doing 3 exercises per training session, 4 times a week. As you become more advanced, you can work up to 9 exercises a day, 6 days a week.

I can see that you are pretty serious about bulking up, because you read this article! If you need a step by step training program to build muscle faster and a personally designed diet for your exact body type, visit today.

I hope you enjoyed this exclusive blog and I look forward to hearing about what you thought on

Train hard,

Mike Chang

mike changBy John’s Special Guest: Mike Chang
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