Here’s the real juicy scoop on what turns her on, and it’s different than what you think!

I am Antoinette.  I share the female perspective.  I am here to share with you secrets on how to be with a Drama-Free Woman that most people aren’t sharing.  Can you keep a secret?

Does Your Package Really Matter to HerI remember dating a guy who had a humongous package.  After he got hard, I thought to myself, “How is THAT going to fit inside of me?”  After the whole ordeal, I felt disappointed and unsatisfied.


Because he thought that the size of his penis related to the size of his sexual performance There wasn’t enough foreplay, intimacy, touching, connection and all the juicy things that make lovemaking so enjoyable.  Maybe he thought in his mind that he didn’t need to do anything special because his penis was “special” already.  That was a let down. 


I did my research and found out that nearly all men watch porn.  In one study in the UK, they could not find one man that did not watch porn.  Getting your sex education from porn causes problems when it comes to turning her on.  I know that you might not always have a women around, so you might be watching the sexy videos at night.  I get it, but here’s the scoop…

1. Men have unusually large penises.  This creates most men to believe that their penis size isn’t big enough.
2. The unrealistic expectations with women in sexual relationships.  Porn treat women like sex objects instead of treating and connecting to her in the way that she deeply craves.

For a modern and Drama-free Woman, what turns her on is the “connection” that the two of you have.  Women are biologically made different.  Our limbic region, which controls feelings and emotions, is much deeper and larger than a man’s.

For a woman, what turns her on is how you are treating her.  Are you paying attention to her?  Are you truly listening to her?  Do you make her feel special?  I share this secret with my men.  She deeply craves the “connection”, passion and intimacy.  This is the real foreplay that a woman craves.  When you learn how to be in your “modern masculine power” with her, and you can give her what she deeply craves.  This in turn will create trust.  Trust is the MUST when it comes to orgasm for a woman.

Here are 3 important steps to turn her on:

This is important, so listen up!

1. When you are with a woman that you love, while she is talking, look into her eyes.  When she is sharing, notice the passion, depth or excitement that is being shared.  Reflect this back to her.  “I really like the passion when you are sharing.”  This will build connection and trust, which is a HUGE turn of for women.

2. For a woman, her heart is the center of her universe.  When you can share from your heart to her heart, this will deepen the connection.  Next, look into her eyes and say, “You are beautiful.  I want you so badly!”  This will bring out a new level of excitement to her. (Hint, hint!)

3. Last, say to her, “I want to learn how to please you. Let’s explore each other’s bodies.  Let me know what you like and what you don’t like by the sound of you moaning YES.”  You are now letting her know you want to please her and you are taking charge of this.

In addition, if you learn to communicate her language, then you will treat this woman like the piece of art that she is, instead of the sex object that is portrayed in porn.  A real woman will like you for who authentically are and your ability to truly connect to her, penis size and all.

Antoinette CabralBy John’s Special Guest: Antoinette Cabral
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