What’s the price of stupidity when it comes to men and women?

Why, in the state of Georgia, it is apparently $50,000.00.  The knucklehead in the article below not only had a child with his girlfriend, he gave her a ring and then invited her to move into his house. Nothing wrong with any of that except he couldn’t keep it in his pants, nor could he quit falling in love with other women… and she was dumb enough to give him another chance after he PROMISED (and crossed his heart and hoped to die) that he would stay away from other women.  He did not, and now is socked with a $50,000 judgment.  Fair or unfair?  Read the article below and judge for yourself…but I think we can all agree this dude is DUMB with women.


Funny NewsA Georgia man is undecided about whether to challenge a state appeals court’s decision that he must pay his jilted former fiancée $50,000, his lawyer says.

Accused of breach of promise to marry, part of his defense was that he never said the words, “Will you marry me?” to her, the court filing states.

On Dec. 23, 2004, Christopher Ned Kelley, who works in IT, gave Melissa Cooper a ring valued at about $10,000, a court document states; she accepted and the two moved to a new home. Since 2000, Kelly, had lived with Cooper, who also had a child with him, the filing says.

She says she left her job at his request to stay home and raise their child and her child from a previous relationship, according to a court document. READ MORE…

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