Most guys want to avoid dating disasters but few of us give any thought to avoiding dating a disaster area before it’s too late that is.

Then we find ourselves wondering how we got entangled with the high drama chewing gum chick.

Most of us want a simple and easy romantic life so follow the tips below to spot a nightmare needy lady.

How to Avoid a Dating DisasterIf she talks about her previous boyfriend on your first, second or third date you should bale at once. There’s no upside to this line of conversation. Either she’s still into him and obsessing out loud to you or she’s been broken by him and is now an angry ball breaker. Run. Equally oppressive is if she wants to talk about your previous girlfriends. There’s nothing good to be said about that and you are straying very early into talk of long term relationships, past present and future.

If she mentions “my cats” a red flag should go up. That’s more than one cat, which she owns, and is attached to. That’s text book needy. Multiple pets of any kind are to be treated with caution. Be cautious around women who express too much affection for their pets. Talking about cats in general is ok especially if she expresses respect for their supercilious attitude.

Her phone dating etiquette is also an early give away of a potentially clingy woman. If she complains excessively when you don’t call or texts/messages/calls overly frequently you could be dealing with a woman who has high levels of attachment needs and will require constant attention.

It should be considered the highest level warning sign if she shows too much interest in or curiosity towards your phone. Get out of the relationship immediately if you find her going through your phone. A little jealousy in a woman is flattering, a lot is exhausting. Watch out for women who stalk you on social networks and get the hell out of dodge if she seems to know a lot about you that you didn’t tell her.

When we are dating we love to look at her and shower attention on her but steer clear of the chicks who ask you for it all the time. She might ask how do I look on occasion which isn’t a cause for panic but if she can’t take a compliment or spends all her time fishing for it then duck out of the relationship.

Guys be honest with yourselves. We have all found ourselves making excuses for red flag behavior because she’s gorgeous. Most women are confident relaxed and looking for the same as you but crazy just won’t go away. No matter how hot, she is crazy and just not worth it. Take evasive action.

And also be wise because women feel as though they always have to know what’s going on, so if you don’t tell them what you have planned they will more than likely contact you asking you what have you been doing.

By John’s Special Guest:  Tracy Collins
My name is Tracy Collins and I am a freelance writer, blogger, social media marketer, content marketer and internet marketer with twelve years of experience in writing and blogging. Check out my website Seeking Arrangement the elite sugar daddy dating site for those seeking mutually beneficial relationships and mutually beneficial arrangements.