I have a friend who can only be described as a foolish young man. He’s a good kid, but like a big puppy who’s escaped from the safe, cozy yard, and is wandering around outside thinking it’s the same way.

He’s not yet familiar with snakes, skunks, stinging insects, and people with bad intentions, but he soon will be. It’s part of growing up.

How To Keep Her AttractedLike most foolish young men, he listens to me about the things he wants to listen to me about, and disregards the rest, mainly about the consequences of attraction. He only knows the fun parts, not the downside…but, he will.

A large part of his foolishness comes from underestimating the perceptive abilities of women. He wants to believe he can get away with certain things and his girlfriend won’t find out.

Moreover, he’s in his 20’s, and a fun plaything for bored women in their 30’s. Nothing wrong with that, except when those women have husbands and boyfriends who are not at all understanding, boyfriends and husbands who’ve bored them.

He thinks these women take into account logic when it comes to playing with him, because the consequences for getting caught are dire for them. I assured him logic had nothing to do with it (the divorce industry profits handsomely from this illogic), and that the female mind does everything it can to escape boredom, including creating drama.

It will eventually go up in smoke for him, he’ll learn the world IS a dangerous place, and if he survives, he’ll be OK. Lord knows if he will.

The mistake he, and every other foolish young man makes is thinking that women think like men. They do not. Men have evolved to procreate as much as possible, and women have evolved to pair up with strong, intelligent men who can provide and protect. Boredom is a signal of lack of intelligence, and when it happens to a woman, she seeks out stimulation.


If you think about it from a primal, evolved perspective, yes. If you think about it from a male point of view, not at all.

The interesting thing is, when you understand and embrace how women really think about men, the world becomes a much better place. You can keep a woman interested knowing she hates boredom, and you can date women with little downside (i.e. those who don’t have husbands, boyfriends, and crazy exes with guns).

Most men are foolish when young, and many stay foolish when old. But being foolish is a choice…educate yourself about attraction in the real world, and you can have the pleasures of women without the pain.

john alanisBy Your Host: John Alanis
John Alanis has been teaching men how to attract the women they really want since 2004, even getting them to approach you first, no matter your looks, age or income. John not only teaches the skill of initial attraction, he also teaches the skill of sustaining attraction so men can continue the relationships they form with women. After all, it is no good to meet lots of women if they won’t stick around.

John is most certainly not a part of the “pick up artist crowd,” instead teaching men how to make themselves “naturally attractive” by suppressing unattractive behaviors and amplifying attractive ones, making yourself attractive without changing “who you are.” John served in the US Navy’s submarine force in the early 90’s, worked in the oilfields of Alaska and has been running his own business since 1995. The theme of “mental toughness” and “how to be a real man in an age of girlie men” runs through is writings and teachings. While not for the faint of heart or weak of mind, John’s teachings do get results, and he has many happy subscribers and customers.