Hey stud, you know, in all the years I’ve been giving guys sex and dating advice, it always comes back to one question:

How to Date Hot Women“But Heather,” guys ask me, How can I get hot girls into me?

I mean, of course I get this question all time. What else does it mean to be a man if you’re not after the hottest girl you can get your hands on? The problem is that men put a lot of roadblocks in their own way when it comes to picking up 9’s and 10’s.

They think that women that hot should only be with flawless looking guys… or they’re just too intimidated to even approach them in the first place. Basically, guys all over the world are resigning themselves to failure before they even give themselves a chance.

Which brings me to the first point…

1. You can’t get hot women if you don’t try.

Seriously. I know that sounds obvious, like one of those things you can read in GQ or something, but it’s true. Women don’t want men who are afraid of them, or who think they’re not good enough. Especially attractive women! Think of how many great guys these gorgeous girls will never get to know because the guy chickened out.

No, women want men who know exactly who they are and what they want. Maybe you’ll get turned down, but I’d bet good money that you won’t so long as you go for it. Women respect that.

You want a phone full of hot girls’ numbers? You need to ask for them first.

2. Look the part

Attractive people have their act together. It’s one of the things that makes them so attractive in the first place! They’re in shape, they dress nice, they care about their appearance. If you want the hottie sitting at the bar to notice you, the one who clearly spent at least two hours getting ready before coming out, you’d better be prepared to do the same.

Get a haircut, trim your beard, try out that nice shirt you got for Christmas… whatever it takes. Guys tend to zero in on the hottest girl in the room, but don’t think for one second that women don’t do the same, and women can tell when a guy is dressed to the nines versus looking like he threw on the first coat he found when he blindly reached into his closet.

Off the top of my head, those are what come to mind. Of course, there are even more ways not only to get the hot girls you want, but to practically guarantee you will. Check out: http://www.effortlesscommunication.com/younger-woman.htm for more, where I can teach you how to be the Don Juan you’ve always dreamed of being.

After all, every super model is waiting for a guy like you to sweep her off her feet. You owe it to her, and yourself, to become the real deal.

heather havenwoodBy John’s Special Guest: Heather Havenwood
Heather Havenwood is the founder of www.DatingTriggers.com and www.OnlyDateYoungerWomen.com a coaching and information service that she created just for men, to empower and teach men how to succeed with women. She knows and understands men and how frustrating it is for successful and ambitious men to date women today. Ironically, a couple of men whom she dated in the past suggested that she teach other men her secrets. She is now a life and success coach to many men and enjoys seeing them succeed in the area of relationships. She teaches and coaches highly powerful and successful men how to succeed with women and how not to be taken advantage of. Her clients are men who are great at what they do in life; and while they are very successful, they also want to date, have fun,and maybe even find that special someone. Heather Havenwood coaches older men (over 35) in how to be a better man relationships, how to approach women and how to attract wonderful women into their lives.