People have the impression online dating is for the “young’uns”, and it is, but it’s also for you.

I’m not even sure who “you” are, but it’s for you. That is because online dating is for everyone. No matter your age, gender, sexual preferences (and there are some odd ones), there is a perfect site for you to meet a potential mate. I recently saw a niche dating site for people who like to wear diapers: “DiaperMates” (seriously). If someone can find their mate prancing around in plastic Huggies; I’m sure there is someone to meet your criteria.

Does Online Dating Fit You?If you’re single, and let’s hope you are (otherwise stop reading and spend this time with your spouse), you need to be online in some capacity. Capitalize on opportunities in person, but also have a presence on the Internet. Date online, date offline, or any line that leads to companionship. Relying on the internet dating as a sole means to build a relationship is rather cowardly, as it takes no courage to email someone, so try to find balance in all the possible avenues.

Also, it’s very important to date in your league. If you’re 47, don’t email 26 year olds. That’s too young don’t you think? Sure the Internet is public domain, once you register you can communicate with whomever you want, but don’t email anyone you wouldn’t have the courage to talk to in person. If you date women half your age in real life, sure email that demographic online. If however you are doing it for thrills, I suggest play a video game instead, or bungee jumping. We need to control our urges online, and have integrity for how we communicate with others. Just because the keyboard has letters on it, doesn’t mean you should always use them. It’s online “dating”, not online “lusting”.

Dating online is right for you because everyone is connected. Social media, email, and cell phones allow accessibility to those we know and don’t know. Have fun with it. Most of the time when people say, “it’s not for me”, they haven’t’ even explored the opportunity. You’re not going to know until you register and get involved. Take a chance and see if you enjoy the process. Send a few texts, upload a photo and apply a filter; it might be fun.

For the fellas…ladies love a man who is playful with technology. What is there to lose by sending a few emoticons? Take a duck face picture or a selfie from above your head. The small gestures that show a sense of humor are the playful things that make us smile in the beginning, and having fun is what it’s all about when a new connection is being built.

It comes down to embracing a platform that isn’t going away. Ten years ago it was taboo to date online, and now it’s common. Who knows what will happen ten years from now, but we have to embrace where we are to get to that place. There will always be people to complain about something new, but don’t make that you. Accept it. Embrace it. Capatilize on how it can enhance the already wonderful life you live.

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