You simply cannot make this stuff up.  If you’re going to be a cad, don’t do it with a woman who’s broke, or a woman who’s smart about moneydo it with…an underwear heiress!  Then, take the money you weasel out of her with phony stories about gambling debts owed to the mob, and give it to your mistress.  But wait, where would you meet an underwear heiress?  At the Beach Bum Tanning Salon, of course…because that’s where they hang out.  You think I’m making this up?  Ah, I really, really, really wish I were, but yet another installment of stupid things men do with women in the real world shows this happened..


Funny StuffsA Manhattan underwear heiress says her newlywed hubby conned her into raiding a trust fund with phony sob stories about mob gambling debts — only to lavish the six-figure payout on his New Jersey mistress.

Now wounded wife Candice Feinberg is seeking revenge on them both — to the tune of more than $10 million — in a stunning Manhattan Supreme Court lawsuit.

The alleged two-timing cad, Steven Lalicata, 30, convinced his wealthy bride into withdrawing $744,000 from her trust fund to pay off his supposed gambling debts to mobsters, Feinberg says in her $10.7 million suit, but all the while he “was stealing the money to live a double life.” READ MORE…

john alanisBy Your Host: John Alanis
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