talking in a bar

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on-the-fenceHow To Give A Woman Absolute Pleasure Each And Every Time:

hayseedWhat Every Woman Really Wants And How To Give It To Her!

pearls2Are You About To Wake Up With Man Boobs? (FRIGHTENING)

pearlsHow To Create Uncontrollable Desire In Any Woman And Have ABSOLUTE Power Over Her (Not For The Faint Of Heart)

suspendersAn Unusual Way To Meet Women At Nightclubs!


John’s Women Approach You Systems:

Evening GlowThese systems, all created by me, John Alanis, are a whole new approach to dating, women, and relationships that finally get you results in the real world with the women you truly desire. Not only will you discover how to get women to approach you first no matter your looks, age or income, you’ll also discover hot to create attraction on demand, and better yet, keep her attracted to you once she’s “yours.” No matter if you want to date lots of fun women, be respected by all women for life, or meet (and keep) that one special woman for a lifetime relationships, one (and probably more) of these systems can do just that for you.

This is NOT the same old, rehashed “what should work,” nonsense you hear in the media, this is finally something new, something completely different, that turns attraction into an easily learnable, controllable SKILL, not something that “just happens.” No matter your looks, age, income, social status, or past failures with women, when you put what you will discover to work in these systems, you will be one of the few men envied by other men as a “ladies” man, and desired, admired, and respected by women.

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4th-of-JulySecrets of Natural Attraction:

How to get sexy women to approach you first for a date, no matter your looks, age or income:

aboveSecrets of Personal Authority:

How to get other people (especially sexy women) to want to do what you want them to do:

all-american-swimsuitUltimate Unlimited Lifetime of Power and Success With Women System:

At last, a whole new approach to dating, women, and relationships that can finally give you absolute power and control over all your outcomes with women for life:

talking in a barReal Conversations With Real Women:

How to talk to women and get them to like you without nervous or fear of rejection ever again:

american-bikini-2Imagine, John Alanis, Instantly Available on Demand

To solve all your attraction problems with women, as they happen:

american-bikiniThe Ultimate, No-Rejection, No Competition Place To Meet Sexy Women Who Want to Meet You

(That No Other Men Know About):

aqua-bikiniThe Ultimate Attraction Immersion Event:

For the first time, John Alanis reveals his deepest, darkest, “forbidden attraction secrets,” live and on camera with real live women, demonstrating how attraction really works in the real world…model his demonstrations for yourself, and start attracting the women you desire in hours, not days or weeks from now:

aqua-blackSecrets of Supreme Confidence:

The real truth about quickly and easily building powerful, magnetic “attractive confidence” women biologically cannot resist:[/expand]

FREE Women Approach You CD’s!

brown-hairHave I got a deal for you! Recently I sat down and recorded single topic audio CD’s on every attraction issue known to man, from how to get women to like you, to turning a hot friend into an even hotter lover, and even just getting a hot girlfriend. I really want you to succeed with women, so I’m willing to give you a copy of each CD free—all you have to do is cover my $9 shipping and duplication cost for the one you want, and I’ll send it out to you via first class mail! Just click on the link below to expand, choose the one you want, and it’s yours.

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Cover my low shipping, and I’ll send you these remarkable CD’s that can attract women for you, FREE

asian-bikiniHow To Get A Hot Girlfriend CD:

barHow To Make and Keep a Woman Happy CD–

beach-ballHow To Get Women To Like, Admire, and Respect You CD:

beachEnds Cheating, Lying, and Betrayal By Women Audio CD:

bedHow To Talk To Women And Get Them To Like You CD:

whiteHow To Understand Women By Knowing How Women REALLY Think About Men:

beerThese 3 Free CD’s Get You Laid Over and Over (Even If You Don’t Deserve It):

big-heartHow To Get Physical Fast and Close the Deal With A Willing Woman CD:

bikiniHow To Overcome Testing By Women and Turn the Tables Fast So She Finds You Irresistible:

bitingSecrets of Charismatic Male Energy CD—attract women without saying a word

black-bikiniHow To Get Your Ex Who Recently Dumped You To Come Back, Begging YOU To Forgive Her and Take HER Back CD:

black-heelsHow to Turn a Hot Friend Into An Even Hotter Lover and Make Her Think It’s Her Idea CD:

black-lingerieHow To Earn and Keep A Woman’s Respect For Life CD:

black-pink-floweredHow To Read Female Body Language So You’ll Know For Certain If She Likes You and Wants You To Make a Move CD:

How to Get Lots of Hot ACTION Systems:

SONY DSCSometimes you don’t want a date. Or a relationship. Or a girlfriend. Or a wife. You just want to get some ACTION, and you want to get it hours from now, with a hot woman (you don’t have to pay) who loves ACTION as much as you. Strangely, there are plenty of very attractive women out there who are looking for a red blooded man for hot fun, but you have to know where to look, and how to attract them. When you put these systems to work, you can literally be getting as much hot action as you want hours from now, then have it any time YOU want it, whether you deserve it or not.

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black-pinkStrange New Scientific Breakthrough Causes Even Women Who Are NOT Attracted to You to Now Eagerly Crave You:

black-sunglassesHow To Get Women To Desire You Uncontrollably- Even Throw Themselves At You- Without Saying A Word Or Even Looking At Them:

blueThe Hilarious Hookup Misadventures of Fat Steve That Can Get You Laid No Matter If You’re Fat, Thin, Short Or Tall:

wind-blownRevealed: Strange New Scientific Breakthrough That Causes Women to LUST After You, Even Women Who Previously Didn’t Even Like You:

blue-pearlsHow To Get Any Woman (Even One Who Previously Rejected You) To Desire You On Your Command:

brick-wallAsk Her These Three Simple Questions, And Get Her To Want You Each and Every Time:

brown-hairONLY For Men Who Want FAST Action, Over and Over With Extremely Sexy Women (and NOT for men who want relationships):

brunetter77 Ways To Get A Woman To Want To Get Naughty With You (at least 10 of these ways will work for YOU):

pink-topHow To Get Head From A Hot Woman Whenever You Want It:

Where To Meet The Women You Really Want Systems:

Man and Women in a BarHere’s the truth: you can have all the attraction skills in the world, be the best looking guy out there, a wad of bills in your pocket and still be alone. You see, if you want to attract women, you have to know where to first meet them…the man who knows how and where to meet women will ALWAYS have a hot date whenever he wants it, and a relationship when he chooses. Put the systems listed below to work for you, and you’ll always know where and how to meet the women you really want. However, you must be careful not to meet too many women too fast with these systems, else trouble will result.

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piercingHow To Meet Women On Facebook, Even Getting Them To Message You First!

coffeeSexy Woman Reveals Unusual Secret To Getting Girls On Facebook!

pearlsSecrets to Meeting (and Bedding) Incredibly Sexy Women On Any Online

couchThis Woman Will Write Your Online, Girl-Getting Profile For You Using Psychological Triggers Women Cannot Resist:

cowboy-tattooWord For Word Copy and Paste Profile Is So Powerful It Compels Women on Internet Dating Sites to Cyber Stalk You (Be Sure To Show It ONLY To Women You Really Want to Meet)

Strange and FORBIDDEN Attraction Secrets Systems:

Beautiful lingerie model sitting and thinking isolated on whiteThese are systems created by some of my friends and colleagues in the attraction realm, and to be quite frank, there is some bizarre stuff here. But what is bizarre about it is how well these secrets and strategies work to attract the women you really want, no matter what your desires are. One secret used at the right time with the right woman can change your life forever…or you can miss out on her if you don’t know that secret. Don’t take that risk, master these strange and forbidden attraction secrets, and you’ll always have the answers with women, answers other men will never know.

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hay-baleHow to Dress So Women Are Automatically and Irresistibly Attracted To You:

cross-leggedHow To Seduce A Woman And Get Her to Like You- Even Want You- In Ten Seconds Or Less:

cut-offsHow To “Re-Arrange Your Body” So It Is Naturally, Biologically Attractive To Women:

DAtingUp57 Odd Ways To Get Other People To Like, Admire, and Respect You…And Want To Do Things For You:

dirty-girlFREE “Black Book” Attracts Women FOR You, Unattainable To Other Men!

double_earringHow To Get and Keep a Body Women Can’t Resist….Secrets of Attractive Fitness:

bedHow To Use Text Messaging To Attract Women, Even Get Them Into Bed:

eyesHow To Make Women CRAVE You:

faceEat These Three Vegetables…and Women Will Simply Not Be Able to Resist You!

brunetterAre These Powerful Seduction Secrets EVIL?

Brunette-in-blackMobbed By the Sexiest Women Alive!

fishnetsHow to Be the Bad Boy Women Can’t Resist, Even If You’re Currently A Nice Guy:

flatRevealed: the Infamous “Honey Trick” No Woman Can Resist (or Would Want To Resist):




The Odd “Button” To Push That Compels Women To Want You:


What Women Know About Attracting Women Systems:

think womenListen, when it comes to learning the skill of attraction, and how women really think about men, nothing beats hearing a woman reveal what women really respond to. All of the systems in this section are created by women who tell it like it really is, not how it should be. These are the down and dirty secrets of what women really respond to, as revealed by women. They get you inside the female mind, so you’ll know what women are thinking before they even think it. You don’t really know women, until you hear what THESE women have to say about women, dating, attraction and SEX.

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beerDoubles Her Desire For You…What a Sexy Woman Knows About Attracting Women That Can Get You The Women You Really Want:

hayseedA Very Important Message From A Very Sexy Women About Attracting Women:

double-troubleA Very Important Message From Two Very Sexy Women: How To Be Her Better Than Her Fantasy Lover So She’ll Think About You and Only You:

girlsNew “Wing Girl Method” Shows You How To Attract Women From a Sexy Woman’s Point of View:

goldSexy woman reveals the step by step secrets to attracting women for any relationship you choose to have with them:

How To Get A Girlfriend Systems

hi-res-video_frame-dorothysAre you a man who wants a hot, cool, smart, sexy girlfriend who’s loyal to you, a girlfriend all your guy friends are secretly jealous and openly admiring of? Then get your hands on any one of these systems, and by this time next week, you too could have the hot girlfriend other men wish they had.



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gray-dressCan This Weird Presentation Attract A Hot Girlfriend For You Too?

green-bikiniHow to Be a “BadAss With Women” and Get the Girl You Really Want:

green-eyesHow To Get A Girlfriend In One Week Or Less, Especially That “One” You’ve Had Your Eye On For Months, But Don’t Know How to Approach Her:

MiniskirtHow to “Hotwire” a Woman’s Mind So She’ll Desperately Want to Be Your Girlfriend:

groundAnnouncing the Girlfriend Training System, Designed to Get You the Sweet, Hot, Sexy Girlfriend You Really Want While Repelling All Bitches and Golddiggers:

shockedCan You Protect Her If She’s Attacked By a Vicious and Deranged Criminal?

latinHow To Get and Keep a Latin Girlfriend:

How To Date Younger Women At Any Age Systems:

Brunette-in-blackDo you like younger women, hot young women in their early 20’s with tight young bodies and endless libidos? Or are you an older man, say in his 50’s or 60’s who wants to date smart, sophisticated women in their 30’s and 40’s? No matter your age, and no matter the ages of the younger women you want to date, when you put the secrets revealed in these systems to work, soon you will know how to attract the younger women you desire, whether for nights of passionate fun, or for a long term relationship. Younger women secretly love older men, but you have to know how to approach them and interact with them in order for them to be attracted to you, and these systems show you how. Follow them carefully, and you too could be dating sexy younger women by this time next week.

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finger lickingHow to Make Yourself Completely Irresistible to Younger Women No Matter Your Current Age or Income:

american-bikini-2New Secrets Revealed By A Woman Who Loves Older Men Compel Younger Women To Want To Date You, No Matter Your Looks Or Income:

How to Be A Better Lover Than Any Other Man She Has Been With (Or Will Ever Be With ) Systems:

fishnets2Here’s an inconvenient truth most men would rather not hear: if your “bedroom skills” are not up to par, she will not respect you as a man. Not only that, she will laugh at you behind your back with her friends, and eventually leave you for a man who knows what he is doing. However, there is good news. When you put the bedroom secrets revealed in these systems to work, you WILL be the best she’s ever had. She’ll brag about you to her friends, and won’t even think about being with another man because she knows how good she has it with you. In fact, when word gets out, you might suddenly find yourself secretly flooded by requests from women who just aren’t getting what they need from their man in the bedroom. Regardless, you WILL become a Superstar Between The Sheets, wielding enormous power with the women in your life. In the bedroom arts department, you’re either great or you suck, and there’s no in between. No woman will ever tell you to your face that you suck, she’ll just find a man who doesn’t. Luckily, when you know what is revealed in these systems, you’ll be a world champion lover, desired and revered among women.

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finger lickingHow To Take Control of A Woman’s Mind So She’ll Joyfully Do Whatever You Want, Whenever You Want In The Bedroom Or Elsewhere:

double-troubleThese Two Naughty Girls (With One Video Camera) Will SHOW You How To Please A Woman More Than Any Other Man She’s Ever Been With Or Will Be With:

jeans-heelsHow To Last a Full Sixty Minutes In The Bedroom So You’ll Never Have to Be Embarrassed By Being “Too Fast” Ever Again:

kissing_maidGot Problems Getting and Staying “Up?” New system reveals the one big secret to getting and staying hard as long as SHE wants you too…no more bedroom humiliation ever:

black-sunglassesHow To Be The Longest Lasting Lover She’ll EVER Meet:

latinSecrets of Superman Stamina: How To Last and Last and Last (Even If You Are Currently a Minute Man)

logSick…Gross…Disgusting…Yet Desired By All Women?

low-riderHow To Give Her An Earth Shattering Orgasm She’ll Brag to Her Friends About, Each and Every Time:

maskHow To Get Her To Open Her “Back Door” For You, and Love It Each and Every Time:

whiteSets Her on FIRE For You!

How To Get Your Ex to Come Back Systems:

Blue-hat-blondeRecently dumped and want nothing more than your ex to come back to you and end the pain? Here’s good news: there is actually a step by step formula that, if followed correctly, really can get your ex to come back, apologizing for leaving you, and asking if YOU will take her back…how great is that? No, I can’t guarantee 100% that these systems will work for you since some relationships simply can’t (or shouldn’t) be saved, but I can tell you they give you the greatest chance of getting her back. And even if you don’t, you’ll know what went wrong so it will never happen again when you meet another (better?) woman.

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couchStrange New System Gets Your Ex To Come Back To You, Thinking It Was Her Idea

sunglassesEnds Your Heartbreak and Gets Your Ex To Quickly Come Back To You:

How To Turn A Friend Into A Lover Systems:

on-the-fenceIt happens to every man. You have a hot female friend who’s not interested in being anything more than friends with you, ever…or is she? Shockingly, when you put these systems to work, you really can turn a hot female friend into an even hotter lover, and she’ll think it’s her idea. Don’t spend your nights wishing she was with you, put these systems to work and make sure she is!


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motel-bedGets Nice Girls To Do Naughty Things…New System Turns Hot Friends Into Even Hotter Lovers, in Days, Not Weeks or Months:

MiniskirtHow To Get Your Hot Female Friends To Desperately Want to Get Physical With You:

How To Talk To Women Systems:

talking in a barHere’s the truth, and it’s not pretty: if you want to attract women, at some point you have to talk to them. There’s no getting around it. Say the wrong thing, the wrong way, and you’ll turn her off, but say the right things, the right way, and she’ll be irresistibly attracted to you. It’s all about learning how to use your words, and in these systems you’ll discover the right way to talk to women and get them to like you, even within minutes of meeting you. If you’re nervous or awkward around women, it’s usually because you just don’t know what to say…these systems show you how to always have the perfect thing to say to women, and you’ll soon be known as a silver tongue devil and smooth charmer…and ladies LOVE a man who’s smooth with his words. These systems can do just that for you.

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on-the-fenceSilver Tongue Smooth Talk Secrets- How to Talk To Any Woman Without Awkwardness or Nervousness On Your Part:

hayseedNever Be Lied To By Any Woman, Ever Again…Detect Deceit Before It Happens:

pearls2The Exact Words To Say To Turn a Woman On (and Keep Her Turned On For YOU):

pearlsThese New Linguistic Secrets Turn You Into a Man Women Fantasize About, Just By Talking To Her:

suspendersHow To Flirt With Women and Get Them To Like You In Any Environment:

in a barHow To Make Women Laugh And Get Them To Like You Without Looking Like a Clown or Dork: