It’s confusing deciding on how many days to workout, how you should be working out, and everything else associated with working out.

The Ultimate Guide on How to Make Training Smooth and EasyBy the end of this article, you’ll know exactly how to go about working out in a way that will not only make your fitness life simpler, but also make you physically more attractive to the opposite sex.

It’s time to make fitness simple and stress free.

How many days should you lift?

There’s no need to spend 5-6 days at the gym. Commit to working out 3-4 days per week for around 30- 45 minutes.

There’s more to life than just slaving away at a gym for hours upon hours every week. You grow when you are recovering/resting, not during the actual training session.

What kind of exercise split should you do?

Doing a 5 day split where only one body part is worked each session is unnecessary and time consuming. Instead, opt for a 3 day full body split or if you prefer 4 days of training, incorporate a upper/lower split.

What kind of exercises should you do?

In order to build an ideal male body, you’ll need to use multi-jointed compound movements. Think exercises such as deadlifts, squats, bent over rows, chin-ups, db bench press, overhead presses, and hip thrusts.

These exercises give you the most bang for your buck in the gym since they hit multiple muscles.

Here’s an article with some video demos of the exercises you’ll need to transform your body.

How you can make your workouts more efficient & effective

Time isn’t being used efficiently when your workouts consists of straight sets leading to ample amounts of downtime. Try 3 of my favorite training methods to save time.

1. Supersets

Performing exercises back-to-back keeps your heart rate up, burns more calories, and helps with your endurance, which is beneficial outside the gym as well if you catch my drift.

Group an upper and lower exercise together for maximum effectiveness.

2. Circuit training

Circuit training is completing one exercise after another with minimal to no rest in between.

Circuit training is one of the best tools to implement when your main objective is fat loss.

Here are some of the benefits associated with circuit training:

  • Excellent for time– 30 minutes is more than enough time
  • Awesome for body transformations– due to the workload and energy expenditure of each session, expect to burn tons of calories which leads to fat loss
  • It’s a total body workout– this helps cut down on the days needed to workout .

Here’s an sample workout to try:

NOTE: This is only a sample of what you could do with this style of training.

A1) Barbell front squats-10 reps

A2) chin ups-6-8 reps

A3) pushups- 25 reps

A4) Db Romanian deadlifts-12 reps

A5) db shoulder press- 10 reps

A6) planks-hold for 30 secs

Rest 30 seconds between exercises and 60 seconds after A6. Repeat this circuit 3-6 times

3. Density training

This training method revolves around doing more work in less time. Choose a predetermined amount of time and rotate the exercises the entire time, resting only as needed.

Expect your work capacity and strength endurance to increase with this style of training, along with some excellent body recompositioning.

For the sake of simplicity, I’m sharing two different density workouts below which both take 20min to complete.(only a sample of what you could do)

Workout #1 (repeat these 3 exercises for 20 minutes)(choose a weight you can lift for 10 reps and perform 5 reps each time)

A1) Barbell deadlifts- 5 reps

A2) Barbell Incline press-5 reps

A3) jump rope- 30secs

Workout #2 (repeat these 5 exercises for 20 minutes)

A1) dumbbell goblet squats- 6 reps

A2) db rows- 6 reps

A3) reverse lunges-8 reps

A4) dumbbell push press-10 reps

A5) Bodyweight jump squats -15 reps

A6)planks-30 seconds

Comment below on how you like to train. Also, comment if you attempted one of the workouts above, or tweet me to let me know how it went.

julian hayes IIBy John’s Special Guest: Julian Hayes II
Julian Hayes II is an online fitness and lifestyle coach at 206 Fitness. He believes anyone can achieve the body they’ve always wanted while still living a fun, epic, and adventurous life.

Julian believes that fitness should just be another aspect of your life, not a dominate force.  He believes that there’s no point of getting into the best shape of your life if you’re too busy worrying about fitness and training when you should be living and enjoying yourself.

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