Jimmy Stewart was known for normally portraying the average American middle class man, with everyday life struggles, in his films.

The Absolute Wonderful Life of Jimmy StewartHe was not an imposing figure in his movies, and even played a weaker man at times, such as in the classic “The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance” starring John Wayne and Lee Marvin.

But don’t you dare be fooled by the roles Jimmy Stewart played in the movies—that he could pull them off was a testament to how great of an actor he was.

Jimmy Stewart, however, was much more than an actor. He was an American fighting man, a consummate leader, and a man who participated in some of the most dangerous missions of the Second World War.

Awhile back one of my long time readers recommended I pick up the book, “Jimmy Stewart Bomber Pilot” (http://amzn.to/1bR0NWd ) and I’m happy that I did. It revealed the real Jimmy Stewart, the man who flew bombers with the Eighth Air Force over France and Germany, before they had long range fighter escort.

Stewart did not shy away from the most dangerous missions, causing senior American leaders much grief…the last thing they wanted was a famous actor to be killed or captured by the Germans.

But Stewart cared nothing for that. He led his men from the front, flying many dangerous missions, and by the war’s end, he was under consideration for the highest honor any bomber pilot could have received, that of group commander. Had the war not ended when it did, he would have been given that command, a command given only to the best of the best.

After the war, Col. Stewart returned to acting, but stayed on in the Air Force reserve, eventually being promoted to Brigadier General.

Stewart was a man’s man, linked to many of Hollywood’s leading ladies, before he finally settled down and got married. He was a martini drinker, a man who enjoyed life, and the fruits of his labor, but a man who was so much more than a mere actor.

There is a famous story about a ritzy hotel in Europe (I believe) that refused to rent rooms to famous actors. Stewart, on duty with the Air Force reserve, appeared at the hotel to book a room. The clerk told him that he was sorry, but the hotel did not cater to famous actors. Stewart sternly looked the clerk in the eye and told him he was not there as Jimmy Stewart, actor, he was there as Brigadier General James Stewart, USAFR. He got his room, being the only famous actor to sleep in the hotel at the time.

So, if you get a chance to see “It’s A Wonderful Life,” watch it. You will see a man who is so much more than he appears to be, a man who two years before the movie was released was flying some of the most dangerous missions in Europe, and leading his men back home safely so they could lead a wonderful life.

You can check out the book here, highly recommended: http://amzn.to/1bR0NWd

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