Hi there.  I am Antoinette.  I share the female perspective to finding your Drama-free dream woman.

Are you tired of attracting women who seem to have a lot of drama in their lives?

Top 2 Dating TechniqueIn this video I will be sharing some secrets on how to go beyond the pick up line and strategies for how to meet the woman of your dreams.

The first secret I want to share with you is how to create a unique relationship blueprint.  When I look at your own unique dating and love situation, I can personally see where you might be attracting drama in your life.  Maybe you are stuck in the friends zone, or perhaps you keep attracting women who have lots of drama in their lives.  Whatever it is, I help you transform that “drama” and help you transform that into your strength and power as a man.  When you claim back your power as a man, then the road to finding your dream woman can take only months.

The second secret I want to share with you is you must learn her language.  Women’s limbic region of the brain is twice the size of a man’s.  That means she is twice more emotional than you are.  She wants to connect and share feelings with you.  If you are focused on something and you aren’t connecting with her, then the feelings of rejection and disconnect can happen.  This can turn into unnecessary drama.  Communication and care is key.  Let her know that you care about her, but that you are focused on something that is important to you.  Give her a time when you can give her attention.  If you practice this, this is allowing you to be the man, and she knows that you care about her.  This will save you from a lot of drama and bring you and your woman even closer together.

Antoinette CabralBy John’s Special Guest: Antoinette Cabral
Antoinette Cabral is a Dating Expert for Men. She teaches a powerful and proven 7-Step Method to find the Drama-Free Woman of their dreams. For more information visit GetThatOneSpecialGirl.com. To book a complimentary consultation click: GetThatOneSpecialGirl.com/free-get-your-girl-session-with-antoinette/