So, you’d like to know what to say to women to create instant attraction.

Read on, and I’ll tell you how to do just that, plus how to keep the conversation going once you start it.

What To Say To Sexy Women To Break the Ice!_2Whenever you see an attractive woman you want to talk to, the first thing you should do is flash a hint of your “naughty boy smile,” at her, then look her right in the eye. When she catches your eye, broaden your smile, and as you walk towards her, broaden it some more. What to say to her will come to you as you get closer.

What will she do?

She’ll smile back at you, and her smile will increase as yours does. This is actually an old salesman’s trick called the “mirror effect,” and it is very effective.

The mirror effect simply means that whatever expression you put on your face (smile, laugh, frown, etc.) the other person will mirror it back to you, man or woman. Try it with different people and different expressions, and you’ll know what I mean. Pay close attention to this when you talk to a woman.

Now, you’ve got to get the next step right or you’ll ruin the moment. If you say something goofy like most guys do, something that’s incongruent with the feeling you’ve just created, she’ll think you’re a choad or a girlie man and the attraction you just created will fizzle.

Here’s what to say to her, and in this case, the words ARE important:

“What are YOU smiling about?”

These are powerful words in this situation because of the process she just went through.  She saw you, caught your eye, smiled at you, then broadened that smile when you got closer. She can’t deny that:

1. She’s smiling and

2. She’s smiling about something, and that something is YOU.

This is how you talk to women to create attraction

So, she’ll have an answer for you, and all you have to do is continue the conversation from there, maintaining the feeling, your naughty boy smile, and the intent. From here, it’s easy to know what to say to women

It takes a bit of practice, but it’s a lot of fun—I’ve never been “rejected” or “shot down” by any woman when I’ve used this technique, because it’s how women want to be approached by men.

Try it and you’ll see!

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john alanisBy Your Host: John Alanis
John Alanis has been teaching men how to attract the women they really want since 2004, even getting them to approach you first, no matter your looks, age or income. John not only teaches the skill of initial attraction, he also teaches the skill of sustaining attraction so men can continue the relationships they form with women. After all, it is no good to meet lots of women if they won’t stick around.

John is most certainly not a part of the “pick up artist crowd,” instead teaching men how to make themselves “naturally attractive” by suppressing unattractive behaviors and amplifying attractive ones, making yourself attractive without changing “who you are.” John served in the US Navy’s submarine force in the early 90’s, worked in the oilfields of Alaska and has been running his own business since 1995. The theme of “mental toughness” and “how to be a real man in an age of girlie men” runs through is writings and teachings. While not for the faint of heart or weak of mind, John’s teachings do get results, and he has many happy subscribers and customers.