If there’s one pet peeve many women have is cheap men. Somehow these guys always find ways to rationalize their cheap behavior. And that’s usually done at others’ expense.

When someone is cheap, it says a lot about their character. If a man isn’t generous with money, he’s also most likely uptight with other things, such as emotions, love or being an open-minded person.

How to Attract Women by Being GenerousThe society, and men, often call women gold diggers just because they want a guy to be generous with them.What people don’t see is that many women are completely financially independent and are not gold diggers at all– yet, they still would like to be treated like a lady.

The underlying explanation is more rational than many people think. Men often say that their behavior stems from the cave-men roots. Well guess what, so does women’s behavior.

Women want to feel that they will be taken care of and that they are special for the guy. Women take care of family. Men bring home the bacon. Women need to feel they will have shelter and food so that they can feed and raise a family.

So when a woman gets taken out by a guy on a date and he asks if they could split the bill, that’s one of the worst messages a guy can send to her. It says that he’s not willing to take his manly responsibility and that he’s not proud of who he is and what he can provide to a woman.

Some men explain it by saying they’ll invest more in the woman once they’re serious with them. They don’t want to ‘waste’ the money if the girl is not worth it or if the relationship doesn’t go any further.

Well that’s a very bad excuse. You’re either a generous man or you’re not. Taking a woman to a nice dinner, buying her a little something or even helping her with the repair at home should be a pleasure to a man. Even if the relationship doesn’t go anywhere, it is never wasted money.

By being a generous man, you’re building yourself a nice reputation and you even start to feel better. This in turn will increase your confidence and you’ll be even more successful with the next girl. You’ll create lots of positive energy that will pay off big time in the future.

So be that great, confident and generous guy! And the world of women is yours!

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Stella Belmar head shotBy John’s Special Guest:  Stella Belmar
Stella Belmar is an IDCA Certified Dating Coach and a Certified Law of Attraction Coach. Stella’s unique approach to helping singles in their dating lives integrates her vast dating knowledge as well as some spiritual insights in order to lead you to a path of success in your dating and love life. Her holistic approach reviews all aspects of a person’s personality: discovering who you truly are, understanding what kind of match you really need and master behaviors that will get you where you want to be. More advice and dating tips can be found on her two sites: www.StellaSingles.com and www.StellaDatingCoach.com.