Yesterday I turned on the radio, and what do you know, they were playing the old Pat Benatar classic, “Heartbreaker.”

You can check it out here:

One of the classic lines in the song is, “You’re the right kind of sinner, to release my inner fantasy, the invincible winner…”

Why Women Are Attracted to Bad BoysNotice she did not say, “you’re the sweet kind of nice guy.” Nor did she say “the lovable loser.” No, she did not write the line, “you’re the sweet kind of nice guy to pine over me and be my friend, the lovable loser…”

Nope, she did not use those words. She used the words sinner, and winner, and that they happen to rhyme is a bonus. She’s talking about the kind of man that stirs the fires of desire (see, I can write lyrics too) within a woman, the kind of man women dream about.

Women are not attracted to men who are merely goody two shoes, men who are nice, and sweet, and kind. They always tell those kind of men, “you’re such a catch, someday you will make some woman very happy, but you and I are just friends.” Translation: I feel zero attraction for you, and never will.

And as far as the “lovable loser” goes, sorry, women are not interested in the man who got the trophy for perfect attendance or just showing up. They are interested in the WINNER, because to the winner go the spoils. And women are attracted to men with the spoils.

One of my all time favorite sayings, one that really clued me in to the psychology of women is, “there’s no such thing as a good girl gone wrong, only a bad girl found out.” Benatar is saying the same thing—I want a man who appeals to my well developed bad girl side, a man who knows how to sin and knows how to win.

A man who knows how to “sin” features his male sexual energy as desire, and makes no excuses for it. Women desire the desire of men, and crave this feeling. The nice guy, the lovable loser, suppresses this desire, and actually insults a woman…is she not desirable to him?

So much of attraction is about attitude, and that’s what “Heartbreaker” is about—wanting a man with attitude. Benatar expresses it openly, but all women have that desire. As a rock star, it’s socially OK for Benatar to express it, but it is (sadly) not socially OK for other women, even though the desire is there.

If you make it a point to appeal to her bad girl side by being a winner, and projecting the attitude of the sinner, you’ll get all the ladies while the lovable losers and nice guys watch with jealousy, wondering what you have and they don’t. Truly, they do not understand the nature of sin.

john alanisBy Your Host: John Alanis
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